Monday, March 4, 2013

Open Arms

Life happens.  At times we become overwhelmed and might find ourselves emotionally and spiritually spiraling out of control.  For those who struggle with depression, this might feel like being lost in a deep dark cavern.

Jesus is the Light we need and despite our over-reaction at times to the difficulties of life, He waits with open arms.  He wants us to lay it all out on the table before Him.

When Jesus says, "Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden," He means it.  He knows we can lose perspective, become over-dramatic, and even sometimes make mountains out of molehills.  It doesn't change His commitment to us.  The invitation stands.  He wants to be near us when we get in our moods.

He also knows when the really hard happens and anger from our pain pours forth from our heart, we need a safe place to sound off.  He will journey with us through our valley and help us in time recognize His ability to make something beautiful from ashes.

We need to run to Jesus and not away from Him when we hit those low spots.  He's not waiting for us to get our act together before He loves and accepts us, we already have it.  We need to embrace what He freely offers to us.

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