Saturday, October 19, 2013

Goodbye Old and Hello New!

We must never make excuses for sin in our lives or in the lives of others.  We exemplify the mercy and grace poured out on us by Jesus when we extend it toward others and even ourselves.  The goal for all of us is to face the truth about our sin and be transformed by the resurrected power of Jesus Christ our Savior.

The enemy's deepest desires for us entails staying exactly where we are in our sin, of hurting others and being hurt.  He strives to convince us that we cannot change because that is just the way we were made by God.  Excuses for our sin strap and weigh us down.

Jesus came to set us free from unhealthy and destructive ways of living. He helps us face our sin, believe we have worth and value to Him, and overcome those areas in which we hurt others and ourselves.

Yes.  It's difficult to face the areas of our lives where we may be trapped in unhealthy and destructive patterns especially when others leave us because of it.  Yet, Jesus' promise of never leaving or forsaking us can strengthen us to move toward healing if we let it.

When all our excuses for our sins are tossed into the trash to be incinerated, then we finally begin to see the power of Jesus working in us and through us.  We are transformed, and we finally begin to enjoy the freedom found in loving and serving Jesus.