Sunday, July 2, 2017


     As a child, I dressed up in a costume that didn't require a mask. I didn't enjoy the smell of the inside of it or the way it blocked my breathing. I usually went as Cinderella, because deep within I wanted to be a beautiful princess discovered at the ball. The problem was my insecurities lived and breathed within my own belief system about myself.

     With time I discovered the reasons I'm not a fan of masks are because they cover up our true identity and keep people at arms length. If we pretend to be someone so others like us, eventually we blow our cover and are discovered.

     As painful as it may be, it is better to not be accepted from the beginning, then pretend, believe you're liked and accepted, and eventually be rejected. The best people in my life have been those who truly saw me and came along beside me on the journey to Christ healing and transforming me.

     My favorite people in the world are those who remove their masks and allow me to journey with them to the heart of Jesus. Together we discover that our redemption clothed us with the righteousness of Jesus and we are the beautiful princess at the ball.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sweet Spirit

Life has loses. Disappointment stays away from no one. We can travel down the road of joy and peace, when a storm unexpectedly rolls in. When the clouds lift, and we assess the damage, we may suddenly find it hard to breathe.

In that moment, how we choose to respond reveals our place of trust. When we lift all the hurt and pain that comes with loss to Jesus, He uses our response to mold our inner character. Some of the sweetest people that live around us, have stories of deep loss.

Kindness, gentleness, humility, and meekness are fruit from the spirit of one who has learned to trust and rest in the truth of God's Word. Circumstances do not need to control our emotions. When laid into the loving arms of our Savior we can know a surpassing peace despite the difficulties of life.

May we lean harder today on the loving shoulders of Jesus, our Savior, and the King of Kings.