Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Trust, Rest, then Fly Free

In my normal course of conversation, I rarely use the word "awesome" to describe anything but my Savior.  I doubt He will mind too much though if I use it to describe the experience of holding a hummingbird in my hand and being able to pet her breast before she took flight.  

I'm not sure how long she banged up against the window in the back of our garage before my daughter discovered her dilemma.  I placed my hand about midway up the window so as she descended, she landed into it.  My first concern was whether or not her release from my garage might mean her certain death.  My mind whirled with questions on how I could properly care for her if she indeed was hurt.

When she finally settled in my hand long enough for me to carefully examine her, I observed that she had sustained no injuries.  The poor little thing just had no idea how to get out of my garage.  She didn't realize that taking flight in the opposite direction would have provided her with the freedom she so desperately yearned to possess again.  She repeatedly attempted to fly through the glass toward the world she clearly saw in front of her.  

In time I had gently persuaded her to not only sit in my hand, allow me to pet her back, breast, and head, but actually rest in the safety of my hand while I slowly meandered out of the garage.  I immediately offered her freedom but much to my surprise and joy, she refused it at first. Even when I walked up to the vine on our trellises and held her out to it, she remained still in my hand. 

I pulled her closely to my face as I rubbed my finger up and down her breast and watched her breathing slow down.  It was then I realized I wanted an image of this moment and asked my daughter to retrieve a camera.   I stared in awe at this small, delicate, and absolutely beautiful creature in my hand.  She took flight before the picture got snapped, but not before I had silently thanked Jesus for this opportunity.  

Later, as I pondered my experience, I remembered the many ways we too manage to trap ourselves behind closed windows.  We repeatedly do the same thing hoping for different results and many times miss out on our intended freedom.  We too need the guidance of a loving hand to point us in the proper direction.  If we can learn to trust and fully rest in our Savior's gentle, loving hands, then He will carry us to a new place and give us the opportunity to fly free.  

The lesson of the hummingbird is:  Trust, Rest, then Fly Free.