Friday, January 1, 2016

Seeing His Heart for Others

I noticed through my office window, a customer leaving her home. A thought ran through my mind that I wish I could talk to her about my book. I knew the Lord would need to make it happen, because this customer usually only comes to our drive-up window.  

I went on with my work forgetting all about my random thought. An hour passed when suddenly that same customer walked into our branch. The services she needed required me taking her into my office where I kept a supply of my books.

I instantly told her that when I saw her earlier I felt a desire to show her my book.  She read the back cover, asked to purchase it, and informed me she just got back from the doctor's office with a depression diagnosis.

We both agreed that the Lord winked and provided me with the resources to give a story of hope and healing to her.  I love when the Lord uses me and my past to help others.

Do you follow the leading of the Lord when He lays it on your heart to do something?