Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Welcomed Visitor with a Word

"...a woman named Martha welcomed Him into her home..." Luke 10:38

Martha invited Jesus into her home. In fact, she welcomed Him into her personal space. Yes, she got distracted by all the preparations, but we must not lose focus on the fact that she wanted Him in her home.  

When she spoke to Jesus over her concern with Mary not helping her, she once again invited Him into her life. She opened herself up for the opportunity for Jesus to speak into her life.  She believed Mary needed correcting when in fact the attitude adjustment was her own. 

Even though it must have been difficult to receive, she heeded the words of truth spoken to her by Jesus.  Later when we see Jesus in her home again, we find her serving Him well.

Do we welcome Jesus into our lives and give Him permission to speak truth into our lives? Or are we too concerned over what we believe others should be doing for us that we miss His loving instructions?