Thursday, January 31, 2013

Giants Fall

David did not fear the giant, Goliath, because he knew His God was bigger.  He stood against him with a sling and stone, because he understood Who provided the power behind his swing. David knew the Lord provided the precision needed to hit the target and bring it down.  

In the name of the Lord, David went up against Goliath, the enemy of God's people, and won.  There really was no contest.  David had everything he needed to win this battle.  He went with confidence for He knew the Lord was on his side.

What about us?  What giant looms in front of us?  What giant mocks what the Lord can do in us and through us?  Fear stopped Saul and the other Israelites from going up against Goliath, but faith provided the power David needed to defeat him.

Faith is the shield to protect us from the flaming arrows the enemy shoots at us.  Our enemy wants us to believe we are condemned and will never change.  He destroys relationships, so we believe we are alone and worthless.  He builds cases against us using his native language of lies.  He knows our weaknesses and fears and exploits them.

Faith in what the Lord can do in the battle provides the power we need to defeat the giant standing in front of us.  Our giant mocks us and our God, but faith in what the Lord can accomplish provides the power behind our swing as we shoot our stone.  Faith provides the precision to cause the stone to hit our target and slay our giant.  The victory is ours and faith is our stone against all our fears.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

True Love Disciplines

“For whom the LORD loves He reproves. Even as a father corrects the son in whom he delights” (Proverbs 3:12 NASB).

Do we recognize the loving way in which the Lord skillfully takes the time to discipline us?   His desire to correct our sinful attitudes and actions come from His deep love and commitment to us.  His commandments restrain us from reacting foolishly or in our flesh and are meant for our best.  He is not a killer of fun or joy, but the giver of both.

The Lord disciplines us because of His love.  He cannot sit by apathetically and silently while we destroy ourselves. His love compels Him to find ways to instruct us and bring improvement into our lives.  He's never so busy that He lacks time to extend a tender touch of truth toward us.

His grace and mercy triumphs over the judgment we rightly deserve.   He loves us too much to leave us broken if we desire fixing.  We may endure some pain, but in His loving hands we gain much more than we ever would lose.  He will leave us to our own choices and consequences, but He's always willing to come along side of us to pick up the broken pieces of our lives.  No matter how great the fall, He can put us back together again.

His delight is us.  We are His only creation that He called "very good" and made in His image.  We are the pinnacle of His good works, and His deepest desire for us involves a relationship with Him.  

Why does He discipline us then? Love. Pure, unadulterated love and commitment to us as His child.  He always does it exactly from the purest motives too.  May we recognize it and be moved to delight in Him because of His commitment to us in this way.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mustard Seed Faith

Jesus says faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains (Matthew 17:20)

By Faith, Abraham packed up his family to go to the promise land.
Wherever that is.  
But he obeyed anyway.
By Faith, Noah  built an ark for when the rain brought the flood.
Whatever that is.
But he obeyed anyway.
By Faith, Isaac went to find a wife among his own people.
Whoever she is.
But he obeyed anyway.
By Faith, Moses lifted his staff above the Red Sea.
Whatever that would do.
But he obeyed anyway.
By Faith, Joshua marched his army around Jericho.
Whatever that would do.
But he obeyed anyway.
By Faith, Daniel still prayed three times a day against the king's decree.
Whatever happened.
But he obeyed anyway.

We never know where Faith will lead us, but we do know by Faith that:
Jesus died, was buried, and rose again.
Jesus forgives our sins.
Jesus renews and transforms us.
Jesus dwells in us and empowers us to overcome the most difficult trials.
Jesus will never leave, forsake, or abandon us.
Jesus' love for us is everlasting.
Jesus will return for us someday.

Faith believes in what it can't see, and it  pleases the Lord.  What is your faith leading you to do today?  Even if you don't understand everything about it, obey anyway.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

All We Need

Food and water are the necessities of life.  We need them both to stay alive and for our bodies to grow and develop properly.  They both contain the nutrients our bodies need to sustain life.

Jesus tells us that when we come to Him we will no longer feel hungry or thirsty. (John 6:35). He gives life to the dead and provides all we need to grow in godliness.  The Spirit given at salvation and dwelling in us is the nutrient  that enables us to develop properly. 

Come to Him and everything needed will be given.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Boundaries appear to limit us, but they actually provide protection.  A negative view can discolor and hinder the value of living within them.  They aren't about what we can't do but instead the amazing things accomplished within them.  When we live within the confines of boundaries we display emotional and spiritual health in our lives.

A fence wasn't meant to just keep a child confined in a particular area but to prevent harm from actually reaching him.  Walls guard against the invasion of enemies into a place of safety and is the reason ancient cities were built with impregnable walls around them.

Psalm 1 speaks about the boundaries necessary in the company that we keep.  It's displayed by who we comfortably sit with for great lengths of time.  We step out of the Lord's protection when we leave the boundaries of His instructions for us in all areas of our lives including our relationships.

Thankfully, if we are willing, we can learn to understand the heart of our Heavenly Father even when we go where He never intended us to travel.  He offers His loving hand to the fallen, and carries us back to the place of safety.  When we concentrate on all He says we can do, we will find we have much to occupy our days.  May we see His best for us by living within the boundaries He has set for us.