Saturday, January 19, 2013


Boundaries appear to limit us, but they actually provide protection.  A negative view can discolor and hinder the value of living within them.  They aren't about what we can't do but instead the amazing things accomplished within them.  When we live within the confines of boundaries we display emotional and spiritual health in our lives.

A fence wasn't meant to just keep a child confined in a particular area but to prevent harm from actually reaching him.  Walls guard against the invasion of enemies into a place of safety and is the reason ancient cities were built with impregnable walls around them.

Psalm 1 speaks about the boundaries necessary in the company that we keep.  It's displayed by who we comfortably sit with for great lengths of time.  We step out of the Lord's protection when we leave the boundaries of His instructions for us in all areas of our lives including our relationships.

Thankfully, if we are willing, we can learn to understand the heart of our Heavenly Father even when we go where He never intended us to travel.  He offers His loving hand to the fallen, and carries us back to the place of safety.  When we concentrate on all He says we can do, we will find we have much to occupy our days.  May we see His best for us by living within the boundaries He has set for us.

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