Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Word Impossible

Mary was told by the angel, Gabriel, that she would bear the Son of God. She asked how this was possible since she was a virgin. Gabriel assured her that nothing is impossible for God.

The word "impossible" brings up questions like:

Can something really be created from nothing?
Can good truly come from being sold into slavery?
Can waters really part and create a dry path to other side of a large river?
Can an army march around a city wall and bring down the walls?
Well, of course not.  Impossible.

Can a king who committed adultery and murder be a true friend of God?
Can a young boy kill a giant with a sling and stone?
Can a donkey talk about seeing an army of angels?
Can someone really be thrown into a fire and come out without a burn?
Well, of course not.  Impossible.

Can someone walk on water?
Can water be changed to wine?
Can 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread feed 5000?
Can someone lie dead decaying in a grave for three days and be made alive again?
Well, of course not.  Impossible.

Can a tax collector return 5 times what he took from others?
Can one who had five husband and now lives with a man make better choices?
Can a friend who denied knowing you when you were in grave danger end up sacrificing his life defending you?
Can one who kills Christians ever change?
Well, of course not.  Impossible.

Yet as we read through the Scriptures, we know that ALL these things did indeed happen.  So do we really believe He can do the impossible today?

Do we believe that lives can be so transformed that one will actually think, speak, and act differently?
Do we really believe there is No condemnation for those who have a relationship with Jesus as their Savior?
Do we believe in the power of forgiveness that enables us to extend mercy and grace even to our enemies?
Do we believe we can truly love those who don't love us in return?
Well, of course.   Absolutely possible.

Do we believe we can receive healing physically, spiritually, and emotionally?
Do we believe someone can be rescued from addictions?
Do we believe marriages can be healed?
Do we believe we can have joy in difficult circumstances?
Well, of course.  Absolutely possible.

Christmas is a time to focus on our beliefs and this year I choose to focus on how the Lord can do the impossible.  How about you?  What are you choosing to focus on this year?

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