Thursday, January 31, 2013

Giants Fall

David did not fear the giant, Goliath, because he knew His God was bigger.  He stood against him with a sling and stone, because he understood Who provided the power behind his swing. David knew the Lord provided the precision needed to hit the target and bring it down.  

In the name of the Lord, David went up against Goliath, the enemy of God's people, and won.  There really was no contest.  David had everything he needed to win this battle.  He went with confidence for He knew the Lord was on his side.

What about us?  What giant looms in front of us?  What giant mocks what the Lord can do in us and through us?  Fear stopped Saul and the other Israelites from going up against Goliath, but faith provided the power David needed to defeat him.

Faith is the shield to protect us from the flaming arrows the enemy shoots at us.  Our enemy wants us to believe we are condemned and will never change.  He destroys relationships, so we believe we are alone and worthless.  He builds cases against us using his native language of lies.  He knows our weaknesses and fears and exploits them.

Faith in what the Lord can do in the battle provides the power we need to defeat the giant standing in front of us.  Our giant mocks us and our God, but faith in what the Lord can accomplish provides the power behind our swing as we shoot our stone.  Faith provides the precision to cause the stone to hit our target and slay our giant.  The victory is ours and faith is our stone against all our fears.

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  1. I thank God for this!! You have spoken a WORD in time of need. Thanks for sharing what the Lord has put into your spirit.