Monday, March 11, 2013

Divine Appointment

They had made a long walk and while the disciples went in search for food, Jesus waited at Jacob's well outside the city of Samaria.  At the noon hour, when she knew no one else would be there she approached the well.  Unknown to her, Jesus waited there for her.  She had no clue that a Divine appointment had been set for her.

Jesus broke two traditional rules in His encounter with her.  He spoke to a woman in public and He was a Jew speaking with a Samaritan.  None of that mattered to Jesus, because He knew this woman needed truth and she was ready for it.  Her life and many others were changed that day.   When she was done speaking with Jesus, she testified about Him to others.

We never know what a day holds for us, but Divine appointments await us.  May we be open to them and allow ourselves to then be used to testify what the Lord has done for us in order to point others to or back to Jesus.

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