Friday, March 1, 2013

All Is Not Well

The Israelites were a divided people, torn between two kings and dwelling in different parts of the land.  They comfortably settled in that place and believed all was well.  The prophet, Jeremiah, challenged the people of Judah to recognize that all was not well in paradise.  Beneath the surface, cracks existed that made them vulnerable to the enemies filtration among them.  

"All isn't well.  You are not a healed land," Jeremiah told them (Jeremiah 8:11).  Unfortunately, they closed their ears and eventually they were led away into captivity just like their sister, Israel.

The first time I sought healing over my past issues outside of a counseling  situation, I participated in Kay Arthur's study, Lord, Heal My Hurts.  During that time the Lord continually brought this verse in Jeremiah before me.  Deep down I knew I wanted a true healing and not just a temporary fix,  but my heart still drifted to a place it felt safer and therefore would buy into a false sense of peace for a while.

Eventually, the Lord rocked my boat to reveal the next new thing for me to face on my journey to healing, and that was that my anger covered up what I really felt.  He showed me that anger dominated my reactions as a cover-up to my fears.  I released some areas of my fears, but not like I truly needed and then settled into my false peace once again.

The Lord is so gracious and kind and though my progress came slowly, He's never let me go.  Every few years He prepared me for the next revelation.  

Most recently, I recognized the way my past trapped me into believing lies that not only defined me but ensnared me.  The lies I believed about myself caused me to make unhealthy decisions regarding my relationships in my life and my responses to life's difficulties.

Thankfully, the Lord never disregarded the deepest cry of my heart and that was to be truly healed and find the freedom that comes from walking with Him.  He knew I lived within the walls of a false peace but knew it wasn't my desire.  Slowly, but surely, He has bound up more of my wounds and has helped me find more of His peace that surpasses any understanding I could muster up on my own.

This is the Lord's desire for each one of His children.  I'm not where I want to be, but praise the Lord that I'm not where I was a year ago!

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  1. It is so hard to know when I've truly gotten past denial at times. I'm so glad the Lord deals with my layers in stages to bring meaningful, true deliverance...