Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Prayer of Transformation

A true friend never gives up believing in who we are striving to be as a child of the King of Kings, even when we're stuck in a bad place longer then we should be there.

You are this kind of friend to us, Lord.  You made us.  You have a plan for us.   You never give up on us.  We're undeserving of your grace and kindness and yet you don't withhold it from us when we seek You with all our heart.

We need You.  We continually fall into the same traps in our minds in dealing with certain sins in our lives.   We need You to open the eyes of our hearts and strengthen us.  We need Your heart and Your perspective on life.  We need to rest in what You can do in us and through us each day.

Thank You that You hear the cry of our hearts and come to us, always.  We reach out for Your place of refuge.  You are our strong tower.  Amen.


  1. Beautiful ... like He is!


  2. You are our everything, Lord! It's in You that we find stremgth, peace, joy, repentance, purpose...Thank You