Monday, July 14, 2014

Get in His Box

When we put Jesus in a box, we've limited Him.  He is only as big as we can imagine.  He can only do what we believe He can do.  He wants to do more for us, but unbelief keeps Him at bay.

However, when we jump into His box, we've now given Him the freedom in our lives to do exceedingly beyond whatever we could ever think or imagine.  We serve a mighty God that goes beyond our beyond.

Our enemy wants us to box God in, because he knows when we are in God's box we become dangerous to his deceptive plans and schemes against us.  Jesus calls us beyond the comfortable to step into the water believing He will part them.  He wants us to know that any plot against us will result in the enemy being fed to the lions instead.

Let God out of your box and jump into His today and then stand back and watch Him move!

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