Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beyond the Beyond

There is a moment in time when our lives take a turn, and they are changed forever.  We don't plan that moment, it just comes.  Mordecai said to Queen Esher that she had no idea whether she had been born for just this moment.  She indeed had been placed in that time and place because of the impact she would have on the lives on God's people at that time.

In the early part of the Fall of 2013, not even one short year ago, that moment came for me.  I held a hummingbird, and in those moments the Lord began teaching me what it meant to Trust, Rest, and Fly Free with Him.  Two days later, my youngest son almost successfully took his life, and as I drove to see him at the hospital, the Lord gave me this life changing phrase.

A dream has been sparked in my heart from this moment, and the Lord is about to do something new and beyond whatever I could ever ask or think possible.  I can dream pretty big, but indeed this is beyond me and to Him be the glory!!

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  1. Beautiful testimony! God's peace is immeasurable and unfathomable. Praise Jesus!