Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where We are At

We tend to come down hard on ourselves when we realize we have not arrived.  We want progress, but often times get caught up in our old habits and ways of responding to things.  We wonder at times if the Lord has just put up His hands and given up on us.

The story of Thomas (John 20:24-31) reminds us that the Lord is willing to meet us where we are at and stays with us in our some times snail walk forward.  The Lord could have forced Thomas to believe without seeing, but His tender heart toward Thomas and us, shows us that He was willing to meet Thomas where He was in his doubting.

Jesus made the second appearance when Thomas was present and invited Thomas to touch and see that indeed He had risen from the dead.  Oh sure, Jesus commends the one who believes without seeing, but he doesn't disregard the one who needs to see.

We must never forget that the Lord knows what we need.  He sees.  He will meet us where we are at and will journey with us to new levels of faith.  We must not give up because the Lord doesn't give up on us.


  1. I'm not as hard on myself as I used to be. I cut myself slack and know I'm not perfect. God is. All you can do is your best at any given time in life. Based on all the information you have at the time. If people are going to judge you or reject you or think the worst of you, it is not for you to worry about. God alone is Judge. It's a journey. We have not arrived yet. No one has.

  2. Going easier on ourselves and realizing how the Lord view us is so important and definitely something we want to strive for in our lives. Honoring and pleasing Him first and foremost is definitely what matters most of all. You're absolutely right. The Lord is our judge and none of us have arrived yet.