Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Right Time and Purpose

He entered the world blind and now was fully grown.  He only knew darkness from the moment his mother gave birth to him. The Scriptures tell us that his blindness was not caused by the sin of his parents or by the sins of the man.  His blindness from the foundation of time had the sole purpose of glorifying the Lord.

This  man didn't receive beforehand the heads up on the Lord's reason for his blindness.  An angel had not warned his parents about their son's future to one day receive sight.  They didn't receive any vision regarding the purpose this happened to their son.  They carried these unanswered questions with them throughout the years.  Would they have of lived any differently if they had been told what the future held?

The Lord healed the man when the time was right for the Lord to be glorified.  No matter what our difficulties are in life, they serve the same purpose.  We wait on the Lord for His perfect plan and in it give glory to Him.  He is completely trustworthy with every aspect of our lives and may we honor Him with it.


  1. What an amazing Thanksgiving day post! And so timely for me right now! I'm not good at "waiting on God" to reveal His purpose.

    Gratefully, He works with, for me and through me anyway!


  2. I am also so glad He works with me, in me and through me even when I'm not cognizant of it! And I'm also glad He loves me even when I ask, "Why?" though the better question might be, "Why NOT?"

  3. Love your insights Beckie, Mary, and Barb...