Saturday, September 8, 2012

Learn to Rest

While in the area, Jesus visited the home of His friends, Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus. He shared a deep love for these three.   While visiting, Martha works busily in the kitchen making meal preparations while Mary sat at Jesus' feet.  We don't know the internal workings of either of these woman, but we do know Martha approached Jesus regarding Mary's lack of help.  

An observation of both women we would believe Martha displays the gift of hospitality and service while Mary shows nothing but laziness.  Yet, when Martha makes a judgment of the situation Jesus tells her that Mary has chosen the better, and He will not take it away from her (Luke 10:42).

So often we get caught up in the doing that we actually forget what is important.  How often do we become like Martha where we become "worried and upset about many things" (Luke 10:41)?  We need to be aware that there will be times we need to be actively living our faith out before others.  Yet, there are other seasons in our life where we need to be resting at the feet of Jesus.  

Jesus will show us when we should be doing and when we should be resting.  We need to not let others distract us from what Jesus is calling us to do.

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