Saturday, September 22, 2012

Real Love

The religious leaders of the day believed they had it made, and yet they come to Jesus asking about inheriting eternal life and the greatest commandment.  After giving an answer to the two greatest commandments, the experts of the law ask Jesus about who is this neighbor they are to love like themselves.

The story Jesus tells has "religious" leaders in it.  It is the priest and a Levite who pass by a severely injured man on the road.  However, it's a Samaritan, the scum pond of the day, who sees the man and goes out of his way to help him.  His help is so extensive that he promises the innkeeper any amount of money needed when he returns from his journey for the injured man to receive the care for his full healing (Luke 10:25-37).

How do we respond to those hurting around us?  It may only take an encouraging word or a prayer that assures the hurting that they are noticed and someone cares.  We need to realize that if we behave like the priest and the Levite in this parable, then Jesus tells us we are without love.  We are not loving the God we cannot see if we cannot even love the people we can see.

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