Thursday, November 10, 2016

Five Daily Gifts

if there is 
any encouragement in Christ, 
if there is 
any consolation of love, 
if there is 
any fellowship of the Spirit, 
if any affection and compassion,   Philippians 2:1 | NASB

Five amazing gifts have been offered here:  encouragement, consolation, fellowship, affection, and compassion.

Consolation is defined in Webster as: something that makes a person feel less sadness, disappointment, etc.

So all five of these gifts, freely offered from the Lord, are ours for the taking, but we need recognize them and be willing to receive them from Him.

Do we truly recognize the way in which the Lord has given these to us on a regular basis? I think we get so caught up in our day that we miss these daily gifts. How do we begin to open our hearts to recognize them?

1) Decide to look for them every day
2) Keep a journal of them
3) Place sticky notes around reminding ourselves to look for them

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