Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tree Frog Infested Windows

I've decided that if given a chance, life contains humorous things to discover and watch.  Right now, two frogs some how have perched themselves on the highest windows in our living room.  

You see, we have main floor level windows, a window above that which would be at floor level for a second floor, and then a third window above that one.  These tree frogs are on the top two windows. 

I tried to snap some pictures but just could not get a close enough view of them.  I have the bright overhead lights on to attract the bugs to the window.   These tree frogs are feasting quite happily on them.  

They actually at times seem to be swooping them up in their hands, claws, frog legs or whatever they are called, and shoveling them into their mouths.  Other times you can see the head bobbing quickly around as the throat bulges from swallowing a bug.  Fascinating, really.

My only questions are:  how did they get up there so high, and when I turn off the lights and the bugs scatter will they fall to their certain death?

My last thought is one of an old tune singing in my head.  It goes something like this: "There are tree frogs on my windows, dear Liza, dear Liza.  There are tree frogs on my windows, dear Liza, some frogs."


  1. haha... you're so funny. I'm sure watching them was way better than TV today!!! We had a scorpion in the kitchen last night.... and encountered a tarantula out on our bike ride! God's critters are fascinating (but NOT inside the house)!

  2. Agree. If those toads, actually was told they are tree frogs, need to edit my story, were IN my house I would not have been happy.